Latest version: 1.3

- also circle diagrams
- more flexible

Download:      setupDrasticTreemap...13.exe

DrasticTreemapDesktop DrasticTreemapDesktop

DrasticTreemapDesktop 1.3 offers you dynamic treemaps and circle diagrams on your own desktop. You do not need a web dedicated server to use it, just download the application on your windows-based pc and play with one of the built-in datasets or load your own CSV data into the application. Choose the variables for sizing, coloring, labeling and generate many different treemaps or circle packing diagrams to see different patterns in your data. One of the areas where DrasticTreemapDesktop can be used is to quickly explore sales data as the example above shows. The Northwind database extract shows you how you can graphically explore sales data, which is of course only one of its application areas.

Download the trial version and play with it as much as you like. Contact us to buy a non-trial license. Also, keep in mind that we can develop dedicated versions on request if your data needs a specific visual representation for your data.

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