Visual data representations can drastically increase the understanding of a topic.
DrasticData makes visual representations that are:

  • dynamic: they use smooth transitions from one state into the other
  • interactive: users have simple mechanisms to browse through a dataset
  • to the point: there is no information clutter or nonfunctional design
  • efficient: large datasets can be displayed quickly and without the user having to wait for new data loading all the time

We offer visualization software, such as DrasticTreemap, which you can try on this site.

We are always looking for interesting data cases for new projects, so if you have one, please drop a mail at info@drasticdata.nl.


  • web: www.drasticdata.nl
  • email: info@drasticdata.nl
  • tel: +31 (0)6 13887164
  • kvk (Chambre of Commerce): Delft, The Netherlands, nr. 27340611
  • btw-nr (VAT number): NL175390897B01
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL32 INGB 0004912785
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