DrasticTreemap is a configurable, dynamic visualization component for treemaps, circle diagrams and hierarchical bar charts.

Latest version:

DrasticTreemap-3.0.0.zip (HTML5)

Older versions:

DrasticTreemap-2.0.7.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-2.0.6.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-2.0.5.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-2.0.4.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-2.0.3.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-2.0.2.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-2.0.1.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-2.0.0.zip (HTML5)
DrasticTreemap-1.5.zip (Flash)
DrasticTreemap-1.4.zip (Flash)
DrasticTreemap-1.3.zip (Flash)
DrasticTreemap-1.2.zip (Flash)
DrasticTreemap-1.1.zip (Flash)
DrasticTreemap-1.0.zip (Flash)


DrasticTreemapDesktop is a windows program for creating treemaps and circle diagrams on your desktop.

Latest version:

setupDrasticTreemapDesktop13.exe (installer)
(to remove the trial version watermark, please make a donation on the about page and send us a mail for a key).

DrasticTreemap for Google API

A simple version of DrasticTreemap, compatible with the Google visualization API, published in the Google Additional Charts Gallery.

Latest version:



For completeness, here are the latest versions of DrasticBar, DrasticCloud and DrasticTools, which are no longer actively maintained.
DrasticBar08.zip (Flash)
DrasticCloud1.3.zip (Flash)
DrasticTools0624.zip (PHP/MySQL)