DrasticData has over 25 years experience in data-intense projects on topics such as data cleaning, data wrangling, data analysis, data visualisation, data linking, web scraping, metadata management, standardisation, data minimization, privacy and security, dissemination, official statistics, and more. We like to use this expertise to advise others from a data-centric perspective to improve on data strategies, data management, dissemination and data quality.

In many cases good knowledge on the state of the data landscape is essential. A visual picture helps. DrasticData makes makes dedicated web-based visual data representations that are:

  • dynamic: they use animations where useful
  • interactive: they use simple user interaction
  • to the point: there is no information clutter or nonfunctional design
  • efficient: big data sets can be displayed efficiently

The DrasticTreemap which provides interactive treemapping is an example. It has an on-line version, a web component version and a desktop version.

We are always looking for interesting cases for new data projects, drop a mail at info@drasticdata.nl.


  • web: www.drasticdata.nl
  • email: info@drasticdata.nl
  • tel: +31 (0)6 13887164
  • Chambre of Commerce (kvk): The Hague, The Netherlands, nr. 88067491
  • VAT (btw-id): NL004164037B78
  • Terms and conditions (algemene voorwaarden): pdf

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